Our vision is to provide fully comprehensive and holistic services with an aim to address any form of mental health difficulties, through specialist assessment and bio-psycho-social model of treatment utilising the full potential of our multi-disciplinary team.


Brainworks Neuro-Psychiatry Centre is a modern Brain and Mind Clinic designed for Children and Adults. Our highly specialised Neuro-Psychiatry clinic offers comprehensive assessment and treatment of any form of mental health difficulties.
Our Children’s Clinic offers complete biopsychosocial treatment for Autism and Hyperactivity which includes Specialist Assessments, Speech Therapy and Behavioural Therapy. We provide comprehensive treatment packages for all types of mental health difficulties in adult population including De-Addiction Packages and Specialist Treatment for Memory Problems.
We provide completely confidential services to all our patients. We arrange home based treatment based on individual needs. Tele – Psychiatry services are offered for patients who could not attend the clinic physically utilising video consultations and telephone consultations.

We offer specific appointment slots for all consultations and the patients do not have to wait for long time to avail our services. We are very happy to arrange emergency appointments based on individual needs of patients. After initial assessment we provide a comprehensive care plan for all the patients based on their needs.


Initial Assessment

When a patient comes for the first time in our clinic, we arrange a comprehensive assessment with our Neuro-Psychiatrist and Clinical Psychologist, which will last for more than one hour. In this appointment, we will be asking a lot of questions in order to understand the psychological and physical needs of the patient. After the initial assessment, our Neuro-Psychiatrist and Clinical Psychologist will discuss the diagnosis and treatment plan with the patients. We will provide a Care Plan with every patient detailing the Medical, Psychological and Social Treatment plans.

Follow up appointments

We usually advice the patients to come back to our clinic in 3 to 4 weeks’ time initially and later on less frequently. These appointments usually take 30 minutes and your care plan will be reviewed in that appointment. We will get an opportunity to assess the progress of treatment in this appointment. For patients who requires Psychology or Counselling Sessions they may need to come every week for few sessions. For patients who requires Speech Therapy, they may need to come three days in a week and the time and dates will be pre-arranged.

Feed back

We are happy to receive feedback from the patients in order to improve the quality of services. Feedback can be given in writing or verbally. We will be auditing the quality of services on a regular basis and make sure that we provide the best quality care.

Training, Research and Development

We provide consistent and regular training sessions for our clinical and non-clinical staff. We are also happy to provide training for students in the field of psychiatry, psychology, social care and speech therapy. We plan to conduct regular clinical audits to monitor and to constantly improve the quality of care provided to our patients.