Complete Autism Care:

Brainworks offer comprehensive assessment and diagnosis of Autism by our experienced Neuro-Psychiatrist, specialist speech therapy assessment and sessions by our speech therapist and behavioural therapy sessions by our clinical psychologist. If required, we will arrange for occupation therapy sessions as well.

Care and Treatment for Children with Hyperactivity:

We offer comprehensive assessment and diagnosis of Hyperactivity Disorder in children, provide medical treatment if needed by our experienced Neuro-Psychiatrist and behavioural therapy sessions by our experienced clinical psychologist.


Complete Treatment for Behavioural Problems in Children

Brainworks Neuro-Psychiatry Centre offers comprehensive psychological assessment and diagnosis of different types of behavioural problems by our psychiatrist and clinical psychologist and manage the condition by Behavioural Therapy or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy packages

Specialist Treatment for Phone and Internet Addiction in Children

Especially during the COVID times, lot of children succumb to internet and mobile phone addiction. We offer comprehensive assessment to reach a formulation about their problems and provide with necessary psychological treatment mainly in the form of counselling and behavioural modification.